Humanity is awesome

I love Intrinsic Motivation. Even as a theory. The beauty of it, is the perspective it gives of humanity. When broken down, Intrinsic Motivation send the message the humanity is awesome!

Over the years, several theories have emerged around Intrinsic Motivation. They all have slight differences. But in the end, it all comes down to a single thing:

Everyone wants to do good and help each other out, by making use of their own skills.


And that’s amazing!

Especially because:

  1. Everyone is different. Because if this, everyone will develop themselves in different ways, making everyone – dare I say it – unique. Someone might want to help out as a farmer, while other people would rather become a doctor. We all try to pitch in, in our own unique way. And because we all want different things, we don’t just argue, we can complement each other!
  2. Everything we do is meant to help out others. As we grow and improve ourselves, we try to use these newly learned skills to help out in new different ways. Our mind is actually programmed so that we feel good when we help others!


Then what causes all this violence and grief in this world? How can we cause so much pain, while we try to help out?

Two very important reasons are causing this…

1. Many people presume that their perspective is the best

As long as people believe that their perspective (see my blog post about perspectives) is the best one – and that the world will be better off if everyone accepted their perspective as a universal truth – we will have conflicts.

In some cases, this will merely result in heated discussions about who is right. But the horrid truth is that almost every (if not all) war originated from this presumption behavior. Every war started with someone who believed that their way of thinking is the best, and that the entire world would be ‘helped’ if they accepted this ‘better way of thinking’.


2. People cannot take every factor into account when making a decision

During a day we make many decisions. Some are conscious, while others are unconsciously made. Whenever we try to ‘do the right thing’, there is always a risk that we hurt someone else.

Sometimes this happens because we are aware of it. For instance, when a manager has to fire employees to save a company. In this case, a tough decision is made to help as many people as possible, but unfortunately, there always are people left out, who end up hurt.

But in other situations, we aren’t even aware of the repercussions of our actions. Sometimes we try to do the right thing, but end up hurting everyone. For instance when we try to implement DevOps, without notifying the right people. And suddenly the entire organization is fearing for their own job.




In the end we – humans – are flawed and make mistakes. And we also still have a lot to learn about how not to hurt others. But we still try to make the right decisions, to help everyone, and to make sure we don’t hurt others.

Isn’t that amazing?

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